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5:2 Menu -Engelsk-

Your personal coach to help you succeed with 5:2 diet! You get complete menus for your fasting days, based on your own personal choices:
If you are a woman or man, the days you want fast and how many times a day you want to eat – one, two or three times.

The app 5:2 Menu is free to download and you get one week's menus at no additional cost. Subscribe to get new menus each week with the correct amount of calories for your convenience. Depending on how often you want to eat during your fasting days every menu contains one, two or three recipes.

Please note that:
- Payment will be charged to your iTunes account upon purchase.
- The subscription is renewed automatically if auto-renewal isn’t turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
- Your iTunes account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period, and clearly show the cost of renewal.
- You can manage the settings and turn off auto-renewal of subscriptions in your account settings after purchase.
- No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active period.

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Slanke App Visuel Kalorietæller

Visuel kalorietæller hvor du registrerer din mad ved at trykke på billeder.

• Visuel mængdeangivelse uden vejning
• Tilføj egne varer med billeder
• Få kontrol over kalorierne
• Bliv klogere på den mad du spiser
• Vælg mellem sunde og usunde varianter
• Dagbog med dine registrering
• Let opsætning med BMI beregning

Ekstra med Guld Abonnement:
• Kalorieberegning af dine egne varer fra foto
• Hurtig 1-kliks registrering af favoritter
• Registrering af motion
• Automatisk kostvurdering og rådgivning
• Vægtregistrering med graf

Guld abonnement købes for 1 eller 3 måneder og fornyes automatisk. Abonnementet kan afbestilles i App Store.

Download Slanke App Visuel Kalorietæller

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TargetWeight PRO


- iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad Universal WEIGHT LOSS & FITNESS TRACKING App
Powered by TactioHealth, the world's best family health tracking platform

- Weight Tracking
Tracks Height, Body Weight, Body Fat%, and Body Mass Index from manual data entry or automated eHealth sync from Fitbit, Withings or Wahoo Fitness. Provides great expansive charts with stats and zoom levels.

- Daily Steps Tracking
Tracks Daily Steps from manual entry or automated eHealth sync from BodyMedia or Fitbit.

- Physical Activity Tracking
Tracks both cardio and strength physical activities by manual data entry or automated eHealth sync from RunKeeper.

- Nutrition Plan Tracking
Provides a personalized nutrition plan with day-to-day, meal-by-meal calories with the explanation of where this plan comes from in terms of resting metabolism, weight loss plan and physical activity. TactioHealth disables this function if user sets an "unhealthy" weight loss plan.

- Tactio HealthCloud Backup
Provides an automated secured backup system of the user's data so it can be recovered on another device in case of loss or stolen device.

- Electronic Health
Supports a wide variety of eHealth interfaces to its partner's medical devices and apps. That includes various body scales, activity monitors and fitness coaching apps.

- Multi-Media Notes & Journal
Supports note taking in text, audio or photo format. That can include anything from test results to food notes to an audio recording of any kind. All the notes are organized in a chronological journal.

If you are looking for a broader Weight-Loss, Hypertension, Diabetes or Health Tracking application for you or the entire family (multi-user), then look for TactioHealth, "World's ultimate health app".

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Target WEIGHT for Adults -Engelsk-


World Best Weight Tracking App, getting close to 3,000,000 users! Thanks for the thousands of 5-star ratings & thousands of great comments like... "Awesome App", "Professionally done. Feature packed.", "Very motivating!!", "Makes a Game out of losing weight".

Track your weight in the privacy of your iPhone in less than 6 seconds daily!

TargetWeight opens up your personal weight dashboard with everything you need to know. Your height and weight, your Body Mass Index, its relative category, and obviously, your target weight and the date at which you want to achieve that target. At the bottom you will find a chart that updates each time you enter another weight or set a new target.

All you need to do is touch any information you see to bring up the right page or visual element to edit it. Entering your weight is all you need to do daily to keep the app working for you and help you focus on your target weight. Only 6 seconds every morning!

When you view the Body Mass Index page, you immediately see where you stand. Your position is shown by a large smoked glass panel. Move it with your finger to see how much you need to gain or lose to change category. It's that simple! Set the glass bar to a certain level and press one of the target icons and "voilà"! You have set a new target weight! It's just fun, handy and simple... isn't that what iPhone apps are suppose to be?

Even when TargetWeight is not running, its launch icon on your home screen will show a red badge with how many pounds or kilograms you need to gain or lose to get to your target weight. It will appear just like counts of email, SMS or voicemail, so it stays private but TargetWeight reminds you how much effort you still need to put in to get there, every time you use your iPod Touch or iPhone.

You believe your ultimate target weight is so far away that you can't make it? Break it down into smaller targets! Make them achievable in reasonable amounts of time and reward yourself with a big healthy bowl of fresh fruits every time you achieve them :-)

Getting to your right weight is an important step towards living a healthier lifestyle. Quit smoking. Eat smart. Exercise regularly. Help yourself achieve a healthier weight using TargetWeight. Then continue using TargetWeight to help you maintain it.

Enjoying a healthier weight will not only make you feel better, but you shall see the world around you change for the better.

Send us your comments and story... we would love to hear it!

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Kalorietæller af FatSecret

Kalorietæller er den essentielle app til let at finde ernæringsmæssige oplysninger om de madvarer du spiser, og nemt holde styr på dine måltider, motion og vægt.

Kalorietæller er nem at bruge og har alle de bedste redskaber til, at hjælpe dig til et godt resultat:
- Et hurtigt valg til, at finde alle kalorie og ernæringsoplysninger fra dine ynglingsretter, varemærker og restauranter.
- En stregkodescanner og en manuel stregkode indlæser.
- En kostdagbog til at planlægge og holde styr på hvad du spiser.
- En motionsdagbog til at notere alle de kalorier du forbrænder.
- En kost kalender til at se de indtagede og forbrændte kalorier.
- Et vægt skema.
- En dagbog til at noter dine fremskridt.

Du kan også synkronisere din konto online og få adgang til dine informationer, hvor som helst og når som helst.

Vi håber du kommer til at elske Kalorietæller. Vi arbejder konstant på at forbedre appen, så der er masser af flere lækkerier på vej.

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Brought to you by Appy Diets, the "Fasting Diet 5:2" app gives you great information, a step by step plan and over 400 recipes!

"I found this app super helpful. It lays everything out to understand the "why" before telling me what to do. No problems and som great ideas for meals and exercises" (missday)

"I Rarely review apps... but this one is great, an easy to use and informative way to healthier lifestyle" (smithjay88)

"Really slick app. Good balance of diet information and also simple exercise ideas.Working v well for me so far and with their plan I've lasted longer than any diet I've tried before." (loniie_28)

Have you tried IF recently? Studies show it has many benefits like weight loss, higher metabolism, cleansing system AND energy… and can also lead to being happier in yourself and better relationships. 

And start living through IF. Are you a habitual dieter? We offer you a 4 week plan that will give you good habits for the future and a healthy diet for the future. Intermittent Fasting is a great first step to take, you will feel better for it, so take the time to do it right and get the "Fasting Diet 5:2" app now!

But very often people say they don't have time or they could not skip a meal, they would be starving… We show you how to eat before IF to ensure fasting is easy, for anyone!

We have condensed years of research into 4 pages of step by step information, with a week by week plan. 

Coupled with over 400 recipes, you have all the tools you need through this app, available anytime. We have even included some simple exercise ideas as we have found people who fast have higher energy and end up wanting more from life, so take up some exercise.

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5:2 DietCoach -Engelsk-

The 5:2 Diet Coach motivates you when you're doing the 5:2 Diet.

Choose your coach and he/she is going to send you clear, helpful and inspiring messages (suitable for both men and women) on your chosen fasting days.

Not sure what the 5:2 Diet is? If you're serious about losing weight you should know; because it's easy, there's no silly fad foods, it suits any lifestyle and it even saves you money.

This is the 5:2 Diet:Eat normally for 5 days of the week

  • Pick 2 days of the week (for example Monday and Thursday)
  • On those days eat no more than 500 calories if female, 600 calories if male.

That's it!

Search around online for the 5:2 Diet; in particular read Amazon reviews from books about the 5:2 Diet such as 'The Fast Diet' and 'The 5:2 Diet Book'. You'll find thousands of success stories.

All you need is motivation. That's what The 5:2 Diet Coach gives you.

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5:2 Buddy — kalorietæller for fastekuren

5:2 Buddy hjælper dig gennem dine fastedage. Hvis du allerede kender til 5:2 fastekuren og du leder efter en helt enkel hjælp til at tælle kalorier på dine fastedage, så har du fundet den rigtige app. Tag billeder af dine yndlings fastemåltider, tilføj dine egne notater og kalorier oplysninger. Brug dem så igen og igen på fastedagene i fremtiden, og lad 5:2 Buddy holde styr på kalorierne.

Hvis du har en række favorit måltider som du bruger på dine fastedage, så kan 5:2 Buddy hjælpe dig:

  • Lav en liste af favoritter for fastedagene.
  • Kun een gang regner du kalorierne ud, og fører dem ind i 5:2 Buddy.
  • Slip for at regne kalorier for det samme måltid igen og igen.
  • Slip for at måle alt: blot kit på billedet og se hvor meget du kan spise.
  • Giv løfter til dig selv om belønning for en fuldført fastedag.

5:2 Buddy er utrolig let at bruge, og vil tage lidt af stresset fra fastedagene.

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Lifesum – Livsstilsværktøj & kalorietæller

Lifesum hjælper dig med at holde styr på og forbedre dine spise- og træningsvaner. Bliv gladere, sundere og mere tilfreds med din krop! Det handler ikke bare om vægttab, men om at forbedre din livskvalitet.

Flere millioner mennesker bruger Lifesum. Her kan du læse hvad nogle brugere siger om appen:
■ “Gid jeg tidligere havde vidst, at det kunne være “så let” at tabe sig. Men den her app er det endelig det!”
■ "Min kropsform går nu i den rigtige retning, og jeg har meget mere energi og udholdenhed."
■ "Du foretager klogere valg og kiloene begynde at falde af!"
■ “Fantastisk app! Nem at bruge!“
■ “Denne app er et super værktøj til at tabe sig og holde vægten nede, jeg har tabt mig 18 kilo, fantastisk!”

Lifesum er nem at bruge, og hjælper dig med at forbrænde mere end du spiser:
■ Personlig vægtplan - Vi hjælper dig sætte realistiske mål og holde dig til dem
■ Life Circle – Få en grøn cirkel hver dag ved at overholde din kostplan
■ Nem sporing af mad og motion
■ Søg i vores database med flere millioner danske madvarer 
■ Barkode-scanner - Spis. Scan. Færdig!
■ Vanedannende sporing. App'en lærer hvad du normalt spiser, hvilket gør sporing nemmere.
■ Vælg imellem forskellige portionsstørrelser
■ Spor kalorier, næringsstoffer, vand - lær mere om hvordan du lever
■ Over 200 øvelser, inklusive hvor mange kalorier de cirka forbrænder
■ Opret forbindelse til vores partnere: Få data fra Runkeeper, Withings, Moves
■ Mad og motionsdiagrammer - Se nærmere på din livsstil og se hvordan du kan forbedre dit helbred
■ Hold styr på din krop (talge, kropsfedt, hofter, arme, osv.) - Følg din fremgang og hold dig motiveret
■ Dagbog med din fremgang - hold dig motiveret
■Beskyttet med adgangskode - hold det privat
■ Mål baseret på din specifikke kur og profil (som dagligt kalorieindtag og ernæringsmæssig information) – alting kan brugerdefineres til at passe til dine personlige behov
■ Du har altid din data på dig - i din lomme eller på lifesum.com
■ Forbundet med Facebook - nemt at logge ind, uden pres til at dele
■ Det er gratis og uden irriterende annoncer.

Begynd med at forbedre din livsstil i dag, med Lifesum!

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5:2 Diet TrackMyFast

Hvad enten du følger 5:2, Johnson Up Day Down Day (JUDDD) eller en anden dagfastediæt, vil TrackMyFast hjælpe dig med at forblive på rette vej og holde dig motiveret under din fastediæt, hvilket forøger dine chancer for succes

Det inkluderer nogle fremragende egenskaber til at holde dig ajour med din diæt, bl.a.:

Fleksible fastemønstre
Definér fastemønstre, some gentager sig hver uge, hver anden uge eller skift faste/ikke-faste dage. Man kan skabe nye mønstre til enhver tid, efterhånden som man gør fremskridt.

Se straks statussen for din diet, inkl. dagtypen (faste/ikke-faste dag) og vægten, der er tabt eller skal tabes.

Registrér nøglemålinger inkl. vægt, tale, hals, kropsfedme, velbehag, sult og kolestorol, (HDL, LDL & Triglycerid).

Forsyner dig med et månedligt kalenderblik, som viser dig dine fastedage og din vægt på de dage, hvilket gør dig i stand til at planlægge for fremtiden. Hvis dine faktiske fastedage er forskellige fra din plan, så kan du ganske enkelt klikke på kalenderdagen for at ændre den. Ændr den til en faste-, ikke-fastedag eller til en mellemliggende dag ved et enkelt klik med en knap!

Markér alle dine målinger for give dig en klar geografisk oversigt over dine fremskridt hen mod din målvægt.

Lav en optegnelse over maden, du spiser. TrackMyFast beregner de totale kalorier spist hver dag og rådgiver dig om, hvor mange kalorier du har tilbage til hver fastedag.

Daglige statuspåmindelser
En daglig statuspåmindelse fortæller dig, om du er på en fastedag, hvor megen vægt du skal tabe, og hvor mange dage du er henne i din diæt.

Download TrackMyFast nu, og hold din fastediæt under kontrol!


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